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Making Up History: Searching for Annie Moore

Written & Directed by Alia Faith Williams
An energetic ensemble piece with live music - based on a true story

On a cold winter's day in 1892 Ellis Island opened its "golden gates." The first to enter was a young Irish girl who became a celebrated symbol of hope and freedom. In 1990 her story was resurrected... but did history get it wrong? Join in the search for the truth about Annie Moore.

Featuring: Kevin Finkelstein, Melora Kordos, Karen Lange, Dee Ann Lehr, John-Paul Pizzica & April Sigman
Original music & live accompaniment by Carol Gulley

The Scientarium - 709 D Street, NW


Presented as a part of the 2nd Annual Capital Fringe Festival. July 19-29, 2007. For more information visit